What is balun?


Balun, a three-port broadband RF transmission line transformerBy converting the match input to differential outputto achieve a balanced connection between the transmission line circuit and the unbalanced transmission line circuitMake the system with different impedances or be compatible with differe

RF Balun Transformers, 1:2 Transmission Line Balun 5-1250 MHz 2.2dB Max


RF Balun Transformers, 1:2Transmission Line Balun 5-1250MHz 2.2dB MaxParameterTest ConditionsUnitsMinTypMaxMain line Loss(out1)5-1250MHzdB-0.5 1.5 Main line Loss(out2)5-1250MHzdB-1.22.2 Amplitude Balance5-1250MHzdB-±0.6±1.8Phase Balance5-1250MHzDegrees-±3.0±7.0Input Return Loss5-1250MHzdB8.0 17.0

2021 EASTEVER participated in the Shanghai Munich Electronics Show


Today, 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair (electronica China) opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.This exhibition will focus on smart factories, intelligent connected cars and testing, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things technology, industrial Interne

Equivalent: MABA-011002 4:1CT Step down tansformer Used for DOCSIS3.0/3.1 Cable Modem


75 ohm 4:1CT Step down tansformer Used for DOCSIS3.0/3.1 Cable ModemImpedance=75ΩInsertion loss:2.0dBMaxFrequency: 5 to 200MHzRF power:1.0WDC current:30mAOperating temperature range: -40℃to +85℃Storage temperature range: -55℃to +125℃Place of Origin:Guangdong ChinaBrand Name:EASTEVERDimensions:6.3X6.

14th-16th of AUG.We are here :95th ShenZhen Electronics Fair


Finaly We have just backed from the Shenzhen 95th Electronics Fair .We have got alot of potential Client there,We was plan to join the Munich Electronics Show in Germary this year ,But because of the Carona Virus ,we Couldn't go .But we plan to join the Munich Electronics Show in Shanghai next APR o

EBG1-63-C012544 used with Analog Devices ADL5380/ADL5567/ADL5801


EBG1-63-C012544 used with Analog Devices ADL5380, ADL5801/02,differential modulator/demodulator and active mixers,wideband push-pull amplifiers,LTE, Cellular, PCS, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX!

Intel Puma 6 Defect Explained


Do Not Buy Intel Chipset ModemsIntel’s Puma 6 chipset included in several cable modems is defective as it allows high spikes in network latency quite often (slow web page loading, for example). These severe network latency spikes interfere with online gaming, streaming video, or simply surfing the w

Meet with major US customers


Sales Manager James and Sales Assistant Steven drove from Zhuhai to Shenzhen to host our US customers Mr. R to visit China.He is very interested in our RF transformers and volunteers to work with us to send a variety of product samples and related parameters to his company.In order to commemorate th


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