Flat Top Air Core Inductors to maintain good market competitiveness

        Flat Top Air Core Inductors adopts the original "flexible logic control system" with completely independent intellectual property rights, so that the double liquid dispensing from the traditional "piston pump double liquid dispensing machine" intermittent, unidirectional, nonlinear glue dispensing limit state to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough.

       Flat Top Air Core Inductors controls the dual-liquid dispensing process through the "flexible logic control system", and the "logic piston dual-liquid dispensing" can obtain the "infinite time" dispensing state without time limit, which is similar to the two-liquid dispensing of a gear pump, which cannot be achieved by the traditional "piston dual-liquid dispensing", so as to realize the possibility of "extremely small amount of dual-liquid linear dispensing" in the dual-liquid dispensing business; At the same time, due to the characteristics of no leakage and no wear, this dispensing method can realize extremely demanding two-liquid conditions such as "powder filling two-liquid dispensing", "extremely small amount two-liquid linear dispensing", "high-viscosity paste two-liquid dispensing", "large-proportion two-liquid accurate dispensing" and so on. Flat Top Air Core Inductors has two series of products: fixed ratio and adjustable proportion, and the ratio can be adjusted within the range of 100:100~100:1.

       The inner liner of the effective drying part of the Flat Top Air Core Inductors is made of 304 material, with high cleanliness, open design, light and simple, convenient for debugging and maintenance, segmented design, convenient transportation and installation, and small holes for stainless steel air outlet in the inner tank to ensure uniform indoor temperature. Flat Top Air Core Inductors PID self-tuning, automatic constant temperature, automatic timing, temperature after the timing alarm power-off, over-temperature power-off, leakage protection, motor overload protection and other control line fuses, non-fuse switches and other electrical accessories.

       Flat Top Air Core Inductors adopts intelligent temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, LED display, and SSR solid state relay output, which can accurately control the accuracy of temperature and good wear resistance. Although gear pumps and piston pumps are both positive displacement metering pumps, due to the gradual wear of gear pumps, the metering accuracy will gradually decay, resulting in the loss of control of the glue dispensing ratio. Flat Top Air Core Inductors face the solid-liquid mixture, and the pump often gets stuck (large solid particles are stuck between the gears, causing the gears to lock), so the pump body needs to be disassembled for cleaning.

     The fixed-proportional volumetric metering piston pump transports the material synchronously according to the set proportion, and mixes the Flat Top Air Core Inductors through static mixing, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic proportioning.


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