Flat Top Air Core Inductors are the ideal choice for end products for high-frequency applications

        Flat Top Air Core Inductors has a high natural frequency, a high Q value in the high frequency range, and a stable inductance, the inductance fluctuation range is very small, even if it is an nH level coil inductance, the inductance tolerance can also achieve a tolerance of 2%, which is unattainable by other coil inductance products.


        At the same time, the design of the Flat Top Air Core Inductors with low DC impedance is conducive to reducing power consumption, low loss and high output. The wide range of inductance values of 2.5nH~538 nH makes it easy for designers to select the most suitable device for their application. Flat Top Air Core Inductors are mainly used in high-frequency circuits of telecommunications equipment, including power amplifiers, antenna modules, voltage controlled oscillators, and in mobile phones such as GSM, CDMA and PDC, and other applications include digital TV tuners, wireless LANs and Bluetooth devices.

       Flat Top Air Core Inductors provide a complete range of inductance values and ultra-small inductance deviations, making this chip coil inductor a perfect match for high frequency circuits, making it the best choice for high-end product selection, offering custom designs and tighter tolerances, and application-specific designs including different inductance and Q values. According to customer needs or product drawings, design and produce high-frequency, high Q value and high resonance frequency planar Flat Top Air Core Inductors, the coil length, width and thickness can be as small as 1.8 x1.4 x 1.4 mm, the product function is cost-effective, is the best choice to replace the traditional air-core coil.


       The Flat Top Air Core Inductors are RoHS compliant, and can be produced according to the specifications designed by customers, this Flat Top Air Core Inductors filling structure, tape and packaging, successfully realize the air core coil inductance into the placement machine automatic placement era, the placement efficiency is doubled, especially suitable for high-density PCB placement, but also the most ideal choice for high-frequency application end products.

       Flat Top Air Core Inductors high frequency, high resonance frequency and high Q value, good structure, easy to use, power amplifier, antenna module, voltage controlled oscillator, and in mobile phones, such as GSM, CDMA and PDC. Flat glue filling hollow core coil digital TV tuner, wireless LAN and Bluetooth equipment, etc., pagers, mobile phones and high-frequency communication products, walkie-talkies, CATV.


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