The Rod Choke Inductors will undergo new changes and get new developments

       The Rod choke inductors induction system mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and realizes the transmission of energy through the energy coupling of the coil, and the input terminal converts the AC mains power into direct current through the full-bridge rectifier circuit when the system is working, or directly supplies power to the system with the 24V DC terminal.

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       The direct current output by the rod choke inductor through the power management module is converted into high-frequency alternating current through the 2M active crystal oscillator inverter and supplied to the primary winding. Through the energy of the two rod choke inductor, the current output by the secondary coil is converted into direct current by the acceptance conversion circuit to charge the battery. Therefore, the rod choke inductor occupies a vital position in the wireless charger, which directly determines the quality of the wireless charger.

      Rod choke inductor is commonly known as skeletonless hollow coil, multi-layer arrangement, widely used, there are solar swing coils, coin induction coils, IC card induction coils, voice coils (speaker coils), remote control car steering coils, gliding toys with coils, various electronic drive coils and so on. Rod choke inductor can be produced in various shapes such as round coils, square coils, runway coils, polygons, etc., and coils with ultra-large and ultra-long lead wires can be specially produced. The various rod choke inductor wound with insulated wires are called inductors. An electronic component that is wound into one or more turns of a wire to produce a certain amount of self-inductance, often called an inductance coil or simply a coil.


       Rod choke inductor are widely used in electronic circuits, and are one of the main  components for oscillation, tuning, coupling, filtering, delay, and deflection. In order to increase the amount of inductance, increase the Q value, and reduce the volume, a magnetic core is often inserted into the coil. In high-frequency electronic devices, a specially shaped piece of copper on a printed circuit board can also form an inductor, which is often referred to as a printed inductor or microstrip line.

       In electronic equipment, it is often seen that there are many magnetic rings and connecting cables to form an inductor, magnetic rod inductance coil is a commonly used anti-interference element in electronic circuits, which has a good shielding effect on high-frequency noise, so it is called an absorbing magnetic ring, because it is usually made of ferrite material, so it is also called a ferrite magnetic ring. Rod choke coils are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, handheld computers, computer graphics cards, LEDs, MP3, MP4, network cards, network communications, office equipment, wireless transceivers, televisions, anti-theft equipment, LCD backlights, power modules, security products, automobiles, electronic watches, Bluetooth, cold lights, medical equipment and other technical fields.



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