Shanghai Electronica Exhibition China 2023

On July 13, the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair came to a successful end at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhuhai Eastever Electronic Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in the exhibition. This exhibition has a strong lineup, an exhibition area of about 100,000 square meters, more than 1,600 exhibitors, attracting 70,000 visitors.

In this exhibition, Eastever Electronic displayed the popular products of RF transformers, Couplers,Splitters,LAN Transformers, Inductors, Coils and other hot-sale products, and also displayed the newly launch products such as Duplex filters and Attenuator pads this year, which received strong interest and widespread attention from many exhibitors.



The exhibition lasted for 3 days, E715 booth attracted numerous visitors to stop, and the staff always showed the company's strength and product advantages to the exhibitors with a warm and full attitude and professional technical explanation, explored a large number of potential customers, and improved the brand awareness of "EASTEVER".


Although the exhibition has been successfully concluded, EASTEVER will not forget the original heart, forge ahead, looking forward to meeting you again!


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