RF Balun Transformers, 1:2 Transmission Line Balun 5-1250 MHz 2.2dB Max

Parameter Test Conditions Units Min Typ Max
Main line Loss(out1) 5-1250MHz dB - 0.5  1.5 
Main line Loss(out2) 5-1250MHz dB - 1.2 2.2 
Amplitude Balance 5-1250MHz dB - ±0.6 ±1.8
Phase   Balance 5-1250MHz Degrees - ±3.0 ±7.0
Input Return Loss 5-1250MHz dB 8.0  17.0  -


Insertion loss: 1.5dBMax

Frequency: 5 to 1250MHz

RF power:0.25W

DC current:30mA

Operating temperature range: -40℃to +85℃

Storage temperature range: -55℃to +125℃

Place of Origin:Guangdong China



Packing unit:1500 pcs/reel

Price:USD$0.45 - 0.60/pcs


RID Core: ferrite RID

Wire: enameled copper

Base: phenolic

Terminal: tin-copper plated

Adhesive: epoxy resin

Packing:Tape and Reel

Production capacity:500,000/months

Minimum Order:2000PCS

Special Features

Applications desktops, laptops, DSC, computer peripheral,Interphone,Wifi Microphone

RF chokes used in double balance mixers, broadband impedance transformers

RF chokes used in directional couplers for mixes

RF chokes used in matching power combining and splitting

RF chokes used in step top box and cable modem

Custom Designs are available to your specifications. 100% tested electrical and safety tested.We provide competitive price and flexible delivery time.If the inductor & Transformer information you require is not shown please contact us directly.

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ADT1-1+, ADT2-1T+, ADT3-1T+, ADT4-1WT+, ADT9-1T+,ADTL1-12+, -18-75+, -4-75+, -15-75+, -18+TC1-1TG2+, TC1-1G2+, TC1-1-13MG2+, TC1-15G2+, TC1.5-1G2+, TC2-1TG2+, TC3-1TG2+, TC4-1TG2+, TC4-1WG2+, TC4-14G2+, TC8-1G2+, TC9-1G2+, TC16-1TG2+, TC4-11G2+, TC9-1-75G2+,TCM1-1+, TCML1-11+, TCML1-19+, TCM2-1T+, TCM3-1T+, TCM4-1W+, TCM4-14+, TCM4-6T+, TTCM4-4+, TCM4-19+, TCM4-25+, TCM8-1+, TCM9-1+,TCN1-10+, TCN1-23+, TCN2-14+, TCN2-26+, TCN3-11+, TCN4-13+, TCN4-22+,T1-1T+, T1-6T+, T2-1T+, T2.5-6T+, T3-1T+, T4-1T+, T4-6T+, T5-1T+, T8-1T+, T13-1T+, T16-6T+,XC3S50AN-4TQG144C;
50Ω SMT RF Transformers
75Ω SMT RF Transformers





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