EBG1-63-C012544 used with Analog Devices ADL5380/ADL5567/ADL5801

EBG1-63-C012544 Features:

Surface mount,wide bandwidth 10MHz to 6 GHz;

1:1 impedance,RoHS* Compliant,Available on Tape and Reel;

one model covers all telecommunication bands,flat insertion loss,good return loss;

EBG1-63-C012544 Applications:

◆For Wireless Microphone.
◆For Marine Comunications.
◆For Motorola Walkie-talkie.
◆For Docsis 3.0 & 3.1Cable Modem.

◆For Wideband Push-pull Amplifiers.

◆For Car Streaming Media Rearview Mirror.
◆For CATV Optical Receivers and Amplifiers.
◆For Broadband and Wireless Communications.
◆For VHF/UHF Transmitters and Push-pull Amplifiers.

◆For Ldeally Suited  LTE, Cellular, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX.

◆For Differential Modulator/demodulator and Active Mixers.

◆For Used with Analog Devices´ ADL5380, ADL5567,ADL5801/02.

ADL5801 Features:

Broadband up converter/down converter

Power conversion gain of 1.8 dB

Broadband RF, LO, and IF port

SSB noise figure (NF) of 9.75 dB

Input IP3: 28.5 dBm

Input P1dB: 13.3 dBm

Typical LO drive: 0 dBm

Single-supply operation: 5 V at 130 mA

Adjustable bias for low power operation

Exposed paddle, 4 mm x 4 mm, 24-lead LFCSP package

Applications: Cellular base station receivers, Radio link down converters, Broadband block conversion, Instrumentation

ADL5801 Specification:

Power supply: DC+5V@80mA(anti-reverse connection protection.)

RF_IN/RF_LO input frequency range: 10-6000Mhz

Output frequency range RF_IF: lf-600Mhz

Input and output impedance: 50 ohm

Type:Input Balun coupling, Input/output Balun coupling(Optional)


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