2021 EASTEVER participated in the Shanghai Munich Electronics Show

Today, 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair (electronica China) opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This exhibition will focus on smart factories, intelligent connected cars and testing, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things technology, industrial Internet and other fields, and will open the "International Automotive Electronics, Systems and Solutions Theme Pavilion" for the first time.

Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition

As a Chinese technology leader in telecommunications hardware, passive electronic components, and balun transformers, EASTEVER was also invited to participate in this industry feast. Our exhibition area is located at N1.1273. 


Dialogue with the future of China's electronics industry and close communication with peers.


Many samples and data sheets were prepared on site


We are communicating with customers on how to choose product solutions


Two sales engineers and two salesmen were dispatched to this exhibition


James  Wang

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Helen   Xie

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Karmen  Wu

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