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2-Way Splitter

Features • High Rejection and Low Loss • Excellent Return Loss • Suitable for SATTV, CATV, Cablenet and other communication systems Description • Indoor typ integrated two way Splitter shell series, is molded after one die-casting, with specially designed molding and is equipped with precise plastic, plug stamping and has more reliable plug and pull force and elastic property. • The surface is treated with shot blast cleaning, nicked plating and tin-cerium alloy plating and has more glazing and is more beautiful.The surface is treated with sand blasting and is deactivated by polishing white chromate so as to be more elegant, natural and green. • 5-1218MHz Bandwidth,Flat frequency response minimal insertion loss. • Operating temperature range: -20℃ to+60℃. • dBmV spurious signals and 2nd order harmonics with a +55dBmV return input carrier machine threaded, flat F-ports, 75Ω.
  • E2SP-F2F-5-2610


  • 4.5

  • 75

  • 12

  • 25

  • 2

  • 75

  • 60x51

  • 5

  • 2610

  • E2SP-F2F-5-2610.pdf


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